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LeBron James and the Lakers celebrate the In-Season tournament title

NBA team execs reportedly would like In-Season title to count toward … well, something

A guaranteed spot in the playoffs? An extra win in the standings? Or maybe some extra dough for the...
Bulls In-Season Tournament court, NBA

NBA could put cap on point differential rule for In-Season Tournament

A lot of players, fans and perhaps some coaches weren't big fans of one element of the In-Season Tournament....
Adam Silver, NBA News

Adam Silver hints at potential changes to In-Season Tournament

The first In-Season Tournament is in the books, and the NBA will tell you it was a success. But...
NBA In-Season tournament game between the Lakers and Pelicans (Getty)

Report: NBA In-Season Tournament ‘definitely’ coming back next season

Love it or don't care about it, the NBA In-Season Tournament appears to be here to stay. Or at...
LeBron James drives vs. the Suns

LeBron James: Owning franchise in Las Vegas the ultimate goal

Eventually, LeBron James will have to quit playing basketball. At the current rate, it may not be until he's...
Adam Silver

Adam Silver: NBA Draft likely to move to two-day format

The NBA is always aiming to follow in the footsteps of the wildly successful NFL -- or at least...
Adam Silver, NBA

Adam Silver confirms NBA may look to expand soon

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has again addressed the idea of adding teams, saying that potential expansion is likely to...
James Dolan

Knicks owner James Dolan resigns from NBA Board posts, saying league doesn’t want his opinions

Knicks owner James Dolan moved on from his positions as NBA Board of Governors’ advisory/finance committee and media committee...
Adam Silver, NBA

Knicks seek more than $10M from Raptors in suit, stress Silver should not arbitrate

The Knicks are seeking more than $10 million in damages in their lawsuit against the Raptors, per Baxter Holmes...
New York Knicks logo

Knicks respond to Raptors’ motion to dismiss lawsuit, say Adam Silver shouldn’t decide

The Knicks have responded to the Raptors' motion to dismiss a lawsuit against them, with New York saying a...
Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq would want to be involved with a Las Vegas expansion team

If ever there's an NBA team in Las Vegas, count Shaquille O'Neal as a man who would want to...
Adam Silver, NBA

Adam Silver: Vancouver, Montreal, Mexico City Among Cities on Expansion Radar

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has at least been willing to broach the topic of expansion recently, though the league...
Adam Silver, NBA news

Adam Silver: ‘Chances High’ NBA Returns to Mexico City Next Season

Things went well enough in Mexico City for the Hawks' 120-119 thriller of a win over the Magic on...
Caris LeVert

Cavs Dribbles: In-Season Tournament Arrives. Should We Care?

Random dribbles ahead of the Cavaliers' road game against the Pacers on Friday. 1. Well, like it or not, the...

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