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Warriors Not Among Teams Pursuing Trade For Kevin Durant

Despite some reports to the contrary, the reigning champion Warriors are not among those seriously inquiring about a potential...
Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving The Reason For Kevin Durant’s Trade Request?

Kevin Durant has requested a trade from the Nets -- that much we know. What no one seems to...
Kevin Durant

Heat Targeting Kevin Durant Trade Over Donovan Mitchell

The Heat remain active in their pursuit of another All-Star and are prioritizing the Nets' Kevin Durant over the...
Kevin Durant

Latest on Kevin Durant

All has been quiet on the Kevin Durant front, but that doesn't mean the Nets are done trying to...
Pat Riley

Heat Aiming To Land More Picks To Acquire Kevin Durant or Donovan Mitchell

Right now, it appears the Heat are dead set on acquiring either Nets star Kevin Durant or Jazz star...
Kevin Durant

Suns Seemingly Out On Kevin Durant After Deandre Ayton Signing

The Suns' decision to match the Pacers' offer sheet for Deandre Ayton very well could mean they are not...
LeBron James Kevin Durant

Jeff Phelps: What Should KD, Kyrie, LeBron Actually Do? I Know What I’d Do

IF I WERE… KEVIN DURANT - Brooklyn Nets …I’d be having second thoughts about that trade request. In a league that caters...
Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving

Nets’ Kyrie Irving OK With Staying, As Kevin Durant Trade Talks Drag Along

The Nets have been active in trying to honor Kevin Durant's trade request. They have also looked into deals...
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Trade Request Doesn’t Sit Well With Adam Silver

NBA commissioner Adam Silver hears the same news we do, so he knows all about Kevin Durant's trade request...
Kevin Durant

Nets To Hang On To Kevin Durant?

While the Nets are actively seeking trade partners for Kevin Durant, the possibility remains that he could return to...
Kevin Durant

Latest on Kevin Durant

The Nets aren't close to a Kevin Durant trade, source told Hoops Wire, and executives believe talks could "linger...
Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Seemingly Has Heart Set On Suns

Nets star Kevin Durant has the Suns at the top of his wish list when it comes to his...
Kevin Durant

Nets’ Asking Price For Kevin Durant Considered Too ‘Gigantic’ For Rival Teams

More than a week has passed since Kevin Durant requested a trade, yet he remains with the Nets. There's...
Kevin Durant

Nets Have Yet To Receive Large Offer For Kevin Durant

While reports suggest the Nets will be seeking a massive haul in return for Kevin Durant-- a la the Rudy...

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